Back in March, I got an email from a friend inviting me to a showcase at the Velvet Underground. I went in having heard only what was on Spotify (which was two songs at the time) and was entirely blown away. This week, BAD CHILD released his new track “Desert Island Lover”… so it felt like the perfect time to share my feelings out here.

Y’know that feeling you get when you discover something so good, you can’t quite explain it? But you recognize the feeling when it shows up. I got it back when I first listened to Halsey, and again with Heavy Hearts. It happened once more the moment BAD CHILD started the first track in his set. Instantly hooked and looking wildly around the room for anyone else in the middle of a meltdown like I was, I became the starry-eyed emoji.

I think I literally bothered everyone at that showcase to learn more. I chatted with Isaiah himself about what he was up to, I talked to his dad about how great he is (who introduced himself to me as The Bad Dad), I talked to the artist behind all of the video design work, everyone at the label… I really committed to becoming the most annoying person at the gig. But it’s because I care.

“Breathing Fire” was the current single at the time, and I think it’s a great place to start. If this is your first time listening to BAD CHILD, I’d recommend giving the below video a watch to jump in.

So many of his tracks are still unreleased which makes it hard to send you to listen… but “Desert Island Lover” adds one more to the Spotify rotation (you can find what I’m currently listening to here). He’s playing literally every festival this summer, including Reading Fest… which I obviously would like to attend. Cross your fingers for me.

I’m always excited about new music. I’m not always this invested, especially not this quickly. But there is something here that is about to pop ALL the way off and I’m dying to watch it happen.

Bad Child - Desert Island Lover
Photo by Paul Mérelle (@slon.3)


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