All My Friends Hate Me press photo 2019

All My Friends Hate Me – “Not My Problem”

Welcome to Leo season, where nothing is my fault and I will kick everyone’s ass. To celebrate, I have found the perfect song for this occasion… full of ass kicking and deflecting problems. I’ve been listening to All My Friends Hate Me for a few weeks now and still somehow have the same lightbulb moment each time I listen to “Not My Problem”. It’s just like… startlingly good every single time you press play.

I think my favourite thing about this song is that I have literally the same reaction time after time. I listen to the first verse and think “man, this song is so fun” and then the chorus hits… and I remember that actually I love this song. It immediately shifts from being a fun song to enjoy to something extra memorable. It’s fun and different, without feeling like it’s trying too hard to be different. It just naturally has its own personality, which I love.

Side note: there’s one part of their artist writeup that just… I spit water all over my computer when I read it. I’m including it here in case you’d like to join me in that experience.

Soon after Beau moved to LA, SoundCloud rap took over the cultural zeitgeist, and Bobby knew he had to do something, despite telling himself he would never start a band again. The last time he did, it ended with his own escape to LA where shit went down and all his friends sided with his ex-best friend and ex-girlfriend. Cheers to the happy couple. 


They just posted a new lyric video a couple days ago for their new single “I Need A Life” which I’ve included below as well!

Every time I see the band’s name scroll past on one of my Spotify playlists, I get this feeling like my anxiety became sentient and started texting me my worst recurring thoughts. If you can get past that feeling, I guarantee you’re gonna love these guys.

If you want to listen to All My Friends Hate Me’s new track along with a bunch of other songs I think are cool right now, follow this playlist!

All My Friends Hate Me press photo 2019

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