Sea Girls - Photo by Phil Smithies
Photo by Phil Smithies

Sea Girls – “All I Want To Hear You Say”

There’s no better reaction to a song that involuntarily screaming the lyrics, no matter where you are or how late it is or how many other people are asleep in your home. In… totally unrelated news… Sea Girls just woke up my whole family.

Try and listen to this song without screaming “HOW YOU DOIN?” every time it comes around. I’d probably scream “I’m on your news feed twice a day” as well, but it feels a little too honest and it’s making me reassess my predisposition to social media stalking.

Sea Girls are a lovely group from the UK, which just increases my burning desire to move overseas where all the bands I love are playing shows all the time. It’s fun alternative pop, catchy but not cookie cutter. I’m sitting here imagining how fantastic this song would be live. From what I’ve read online, their live shows are pretty impressive. I need to see them live, I will make the trip. If I’m in Manchester, will you come to their show?

(that’s a song lyric and if you didn’t catch that, I’m officially calling you out for not listening to the song yet. SCROLL UP. 🔫)

Sea Girls - Photo by Phil Smithies
Photo by Phil Smithies

As summer winds down and the sun starts to set earlier with each passing day, I really appreciate music that makes the world feel a little lighter. Sea Girls is keeping the sunshine alive, and I genuinely can’t wait to hear more from them in the coming months.

I’ve been discovering so many new bands to love lately, it’s bringing me back to the reason I got into music in the first place. It feels amazing. No matter where you’re at in your music journey, I highly recommend taking a few minutes to fall in love with Sea Girls. And if you’re looking to fall in love with more bands like them, you can check out my new Alternative playlist on Spotify! New songs added every day, so be sure to follow. 😉

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