Hi, I’m Paige. I’m a 26 year old workaholic from Toronto. I’m made up of 25% allergies, 25% autoimmune diseases, and 50% inability to shut up about the bands I love.

I’m notoriously bad at talking about myself because I don’t know what to say. Someone asks “so, what do you do?” and it’s like, well Karen… I have this blog and I also have a YouTube channel, but I also freelance for outlets like Billboard and A.Side. Oh, and I spearhead operations over at my music story sharing website At The Barricade, and did I mention I have my own online vinyl shop called Camp Unlost? I also help with social media, marketing and sponsorships for companies like indie labels, festivals, or music schools. And I also work for *Dean Winchester voice* the family business. And before that, I worked in marketing at a major record label running marketing for artists like Halsey.

Now, by this point, their eyes have glossed over and they’re thinking “ohhhh so she doesn’t have a real job” when really the problem is I love too many things to pick one 9-to-5, and also it seems I hate relaxing. The last time I got a good’s night sleep, I think I was still in a crib.

I started this blog to share what I’m listening to & give a platform to the artists I love, while also reinforcing the fact that being a fan is not a bad thing. So many people act like they’re ~too cool~ to be excited over a band, but honestly… bands grow and become successful because of the people who aren’t afraid to go all out in supporting them. I also want to share info about working in the industry because I know how hard it was for me to figure things out when I was getting started. If I don’t know the answer to something, I find someone who does and get them to help us all out.

I want this blog to encompass everything it is to be a music fan. It’s not just about the music. It expands to all parts of your life. So yeah, there will always be music recommendations, playlists, industry education posts, concert recaps and the like… but sometimes you might find a post about fashion & beauty. Or maybe something more home DIY related (I’m pretty crafty). Perhaps something about starting your own projects, or traveling to new places. Who knows! But I hope you find something here that you connect with.

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A Glimpse Into My Life: Living with Allergies & Autoimmune Diseases

Fun fact: someone actually thought this was me once

Awards & Accolades

  • Judge for the 2017 JUNO Awards
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Occasionally you can find my writing elsewhere on the internet.


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