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About Paige

The story of a girl left behind by the Jonas Brothers


Hi, I’m Paige. I’m 25 years old and I’m a blogger/creator from Toronto. I run social media for music companies (like labels & festivals) across Canada and also spearhead operations over at my music collective website, At The Barricade. Before that, I worked in marketing at a major record label running point for artists like Halsey.

I started this space to be a music blog exclusively, talking about what to listen to and sharing my knowledge of the industry. As time went on, I started to feel like I was limiting myself so *ta dah*, I opened the site up to posting anything that would interest a music fan. Festival fashion? How to get an internship? Cool homewares for music lovers? It now all fits into the PaigeBackstage bubble.

PaigeBackstage is a music lifestyle blog dedicated to supporting bands & music fans alike. With a mix of recommendations, contests, playlists, music industry education, and lifestyle content… there’s a little something here for everybody. The main goal is for this to be a positive space for all fans to hang out without worrying about judgement or negativity. The blog has an alter-ego on YouTube, which is really the same ego but with more high pitched screaming.

You can send music recommendations/say hello via email or send love letters via PO Box:

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A Glimpse Into My Life

Awards & Accolades

– Judge for the 2017 JUNO Awards

– Please feel free to give me as many awards as you want


Interview & vinyl feature with Koeppel Design Record Dividers (08.07.17)

Guest on Billboard’s #AlternativeFacts podcast with All Time Low (06.15.17)

Guest on Billboard’s #AlternativeFacts podcast about Halsey (06.01.17)

Interview with “…And Justice For Reviews” (03.21.17)

Dream Support on “Live Mind” (03.01.17)

– Interview & feature with “Aspects Magazine” (01.01.17)

Interview with “Loving Millennials” (09.08.16)

Interview with “Meeting Sounds” (08.07.16)

Mentioned in AUX article regarding Warped Tour’s pro-life tent (07.11.16)

Quoted in Humber News article for Zayn solo release (01.29.16)

Quoted in Radio Humber article for Canadian radio laws (10.10.14)


Occasionally you can find my writing elsewhere on the internet.

Warped Tour Founder Kevin Lyman Defends Festival’s Controversial Anti-Abortion Tent: ‘I Wanna Stir It Up’ (6.30.17)

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Halsey’s ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’: Decoding the Clues She’s Left About Her Upcoming Album (3.17.17)


Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is a Romeo + Juliet fan’s dream (6.2.17)

The evolution of Hayley from Paramore’s hair (#Hairamore) (5.16.17)

West Texas Sweetheart

Americana Fans – You’re Gonna Love The Maine (10.24.16)



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