7 things roundup

7 Things: April 14, 2019 Roundup

I feel like there are things I want to mention here but I don’t necessarily have an entire blog post’s worth of comments, so welcome to our new weekly roundup. Every Sunday, I’ll pick 7 things I found this week that I think you’ll enjoy and share them all in one post. Here’s this week’s roundup:

1. The Here In Hell Podcast

SURPRISE! Ashley & I have been discussing starting our own podcast for months. We finally sat down in an empty house to record our trailer and uh… it’s the length of a normal podcast on its own, just without any sort of structure or theme. So get to know us before all hell breaks loose in our first official episode!

(you can also follow it on Spotify if that’s your go-to)

2. Rarity’s new single “Shawinigan”

I know I already mentioned this in yesterday’s video, but… I’ve been listening to this track on a nonstop loop. I need to mention it everywhere.

3. This song by Cody & Noel sounds like Billie Eilish

Have you listened to Billie Eilish’s new album? Specifically the second half of the track “Bad Guy“? It sounds… literally identical to this song by Cody Ko & Noel Miller, and I can’t listen to it the same way since I realized.

4. Darya’s blog

I met Darya through Instagram and we immediately bonded over our shared love of the band Ghost. Her blog, Miss Mephistopheles, is one of my faves to check in my blogroll. Her latest post is a guide to understanding Ghost so if you’ve ever wondered… she’s definitely the girl to go to for more info!

5. La Bouquet’s new music video

I’ve really been enjoying the song “Sad People Dancing” so you can imagine I love the video too. There’s something about this one… the harmonies on specifically the word “room” remind me of deadmau5’s song “The Veldt” (which is also my fave short story, idk lots of connections here). But there’s a weird quality to all the band members in the video too, they feel photoshopped in. I love it.

6. Lauren Schroer’s pins

Lauren is tabling at an Etsy fair today and I’m hoping I can stop by this afternoon to finally meet her! But if you haven’t seen her pins before… your denim jacket has been missing out. The Panic! tarot card pin is the latest addition to my jacket, but I have a ton of her pins/patches at this point. I think most music fans can find something here for them.

7. Charlie Mauve at CMW

Charlie Mauve

My dear Charlie is playing a showcase at Canadian Music Week that you should absolutely come to if you plan on attending the fest. You’ll find me trying to open a pit up at a pop/R&B show with a bunch of unwilling participants.

What things are you recommending this week?