7 Minutes In Heaven (photo by Teri Cwiek) // PaigeBackstage.com

7 Minutes In Heaven: My Blogmas Gift To You

7 Minutes In Heaven. A fun/anxiety-inducing game played in high school for some. For others, a perfectly pop punk band out of Chicago. For you, a Blogmas gift from me.

Listen up, Taco Bell endorses these dudes so you know you’re going to love them. Taco Bell makes Doritos Locos Tacos. I can’t eat there, but I support anyone who makes a real meal that involves Doritos. Let’s give y’all the rundown.

The band is made up of Timmy Rasmussen on vocals/guitar, Alex Rogers on vocals/bass, and Justin Mondzak on guitar. Plus as a great addition to their live shows, they’ve got Brennan Gilbert on drums killing the skins, tapping the skins, tapping the rim, playing the shit, killing these bitches.

brendon urie drunk history
Wait, maybe that was Brendon Urie’s drunken description of Andy Hurley…

They have a great Christmas song called “Noel [No Faith]” that’s perfect for if you want to get into the holiday spirit but feel like it’s still a little too early to get right in there. Pop punk has given us some of the best Christmas songs of our time (but that post is coming up in a few days…) and this one is no exception.

They’ve had like 300 EPs (give or take 297) and have a brand spankin’ new one coming out on December 11th. It’s called Side Effects and the newest single “Fireworks” is GOOD. SO GOOD.

I’ve got more songs for you if you want them. Listen to them in a closet and have your own 7 minutes in heaven, but like…maybe don’t tell people that because I’m guessing that would sound really weird to the casual observer, and honestly I’m feeling weird for even suggesting it. This is going to a really bad place really fast, please just listen to the songs in a normal way so I don’t have to field any questions about what the hell y’all are up to.

I’m a sucker for acoustic songs (hence why Sleeping With Sirens’ best release is “If We Were A Movie…”) so please have these acoustic versions of Rotation and Battleground. I’d suggest listening to “I’m Okay” as well if you want to slide thru Spotify…I can’t find a high enough quality video on YouTube to warrant sending it around. I’m doing my very best with the materials I am provided with by Mother Internet.

Timmy’s got some serious gravity-defying hair and like…I can’t even get mine to hold a little bit of volume for longer than a few hours. This dude’s hair…I can’t even explain. Someone else has gotta explain. The best I can do is…it’s like his hair is slightly more pop punk than he is and it’s trying so hard to get out of this town but Timmy’s cool just hanging out here.

timmy rasmussen 7 minutes in heaven
His hair couldn’t wait to leave 6 months ago

You can follow these dudes on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for tour dates in your city, or just road trip and see them wherever. Road trip to Chicago for their EP release show. That would probably be the pop punk thing to do.

What do you think of 7 Minutes In Heaven?