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12 Days Of Vinyl: A Challenge

I had this post, our “12 Days Of Vinyl” announcement, and a video all ready to go on Friday…and then spent the last 48 hours dealing with a quickly deteriorating VAIO and eventually the setup of a new MacBook (goodbye savings…). As of 2:45am, I am back in business. So finally, the stars have aligned and I’m allowed to use my own blog again.

So here’s the deal. Carley and I had this idea to have a little holiday vinyl challenge over on Instagram. It was her genius idea to do 12 days instead of 30 (30 is a big commitment, especially during the holidays…and especially if you don’t own 30 records), and it all fell together after that. The “12 Days Of Vinyl” challenge was born!

12 days of vinyl rules photo
These are the rules for each day (join in with the hashtag #12DaysOfVinyl)

We’ve been loving how excited people are getting to pick these albums and we’re excited to take part as well. It should be a fun way to see the records other people have in their collections, but also a way to connect with other people that love music this much! To be honest, I keep getting stressed out feeling like maybe my choices aren’t properly reflective of my entire musical tastes…to be honest, I’m clearly taking it way too seriously.

I’ve been thinking about making a video showcasing my entire record collection at this point, and this seems like the perfect time to break it out. Plus, now that I have iMovie…everything just became about 9000x easier. I rendered a video in under 2 hours. My life has changed.

The video is below, check it out and let me know which record is your fave (and which ones I still need the most)!