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How To Make Quick Money For Concert Tickets

By Posted on 1 3 m read

We all know that feeling. Your fave bandΒ suddenly announced aΒ tour and the presale is –Β oh god it’s in 3 days why was there no notice, oh my god how am I supposed to pull together the funds for tickets that quickly??

I’ve lived this moment more times …

Facebook Groups: They’re Useful Now

By Posted on 2 3 m read

Hey, remember when you were 14 and joined any Facebook group with a witty name that you could find? For literally no reason (none of them everΒ posted anything…they came up with the name and didn’t really brainstorm past that point)? And then you decided that Facebook groups were useless and deleted them all before …

Blog Resources: A Guide

By Posted on 0 7 m read

Since I hopefully convinced you on Tuesday that you need to start up your own blog, the next logical step is to supply resources to get that blog up and running. The beginning is the worst part because you feel like you’re just writing posts to yourself and haven’t fully figured out …

Why You Should Start A Blog

By Posted on 1 6 m read

I’ve had more than a blog or two in my life. From tumblrs (nothing like an actual blog) to Amped Music (more of a music news site) to Femme FateEtAl (a group effort), I’ve tried my hand at every type of blog I could think of. I am very pro-blog. I feel like in 2015, …