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The Real Problem with Boybands

By Posted on 2 5 m read

Many people seem to believe there’s a problem with boybands. Their music lacks substance. They’re only famous because young girls think they’re hot. They’re ~killing music~ or whatever.

But as a person who has supported boybands religiously since I got my first boombox, let me present to you the real problem with boybands. …

How To Make Quick Money For Concert Tickets

By Posted on 1 3 m read

We all know that feeling. Your fave bandΒ suddenly announced aΒ tour and the presale is –Β oh god it’s in 3 days why was there no notice, oh my god how am I supposed to pull together the funds for tickets that quickly??

I’ve lived this moment more times …

The Dogg & 6God Are Raging Inside Me

By Posted on 0 4 m read

I’ve had a really weird 24 hours. Yesterday was 100% perfect, something I didn’t know was possible. Something I had only heard spoken of before in an Ice Cube song. It involved Brand New pins, Snoop Dogg, 6God’ing with Neck Deep, splatter vinyl, and good friends. The summary cannot do this justice, and normally I …

What I Got For Christmas

By Posted on 2 1 m read

On Christmas Eve, I received a request on YouTube (I was just as surprised as you are) to make a “What I Got For Christmas” video. Seeing as I’ve never received a request before and was now surging with adrenaline, I obliged. I then immediately began experiencing internet connectivity issues and honestly didn’t think I’d …

Christmas Destress Session

By Posted on 2 3 m read

My day today consisted of going to work, eating a couple meals, wrapping a billion Christmas gifts, taking a shower…and then promptly remembering that I hadn’t written a Blogmas post yet for today. I’m sure a lot of Christmas-celebrating individuals had similar days (except without the Blogmas part, because I don’t know anyone else dumb …

The Signs As Christmas Aesthetics

By Posted on 2 3 m read

You know what I love? Reading my horoscope. I especially love that I’m on the border between Aries and Pisces, because then I can read both and squish the best parts together to give myself the ultimate Good Horoscope. On our old blog, Kelly used to write “The Signs As…” posts for pop …